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Satus Nova - Servicios

Beyond agronomic advice. We provide a comprehensive analysis of the company, supporting our clients in resource, cost, and investment management strategies, as well as in all the fundamental strategic decisions for the company`s everyday operativity.

Satus Nova - Servicios

Invest in Uruguay whether you are inside or outside the territory, develop your business or entrepreneurship and manage it remotely. Request your residence and we carry out the entire process for you.

Satus Nova - Servicios
Accounting and Tax

Plan and improve the profitability of your company, increase cash flow, and perform financial analysis and audits in your organization.

Satus Nova - Servicios
Strategic planning

Update and review your business strategy to the ever-changing needs of the market, so you can be always ready to achieve comparative advantage on new businesses development, business restructure and business processes execution.

Our objective

We are an innovative, proactive, and dynamic company that offering continuous and personalized solutions for the entrepreneur to help optimize production processes, business strategy and with it the profitability outcome of the company.

Maximum confidentiality and trust in our relationship with the client is ensured; In this way, it is possible to work together with the client and work as a team on the main problems of the company and their possible solutions.

Our methodology aims to generate a working harmony with the client that allows enhancing their qualities, attending to possible weaknesses and threats, thus achieving optimal and personalized results for each situation.

Our philosophy is to provide personalized and individualized attention to requirements, problems and concerns of each client in order to optimize the processes and results of the company.


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